Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set
Go! Sticky Full Set

Go! Sticky Full Set

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The Go! Sticky Full Set

GO! Sticky is an all-green cleaning system which eliminates the need for refills. made of a food grade silicon rubber with a LIFETIME guarantee. Our Go! Sticky set includes the original Go!Sticky which is a hand held size perfect for clothes, furniture, and cars. The two mini Go! Rollers are great for travel to store in your pocket, purse, or glove box. The Mighty Go! Is a large industrial sized (roller ideal for floors and larger furniture) 

 3 Reasons to choose GO! STICKY

From your ceilings to your floors, GO! STICKY leaves nothing behind.

1. Cleaner
No mess left behind. GoSticky picks up dirt, dust, sand, debris, pet hair etc...At home or in your car, stop battling with messes!
2. Greener
Go Sticky never needs refills. No more refills to buy! Simply use, rinse and reuse! Go Sticky is the greener way to clean and it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!
3. Easier

Nothing to plug in, just roll, wash and dry!
No bending down to push dust into a dustpan. Easy to roll under furniture, on ceiling fans and so on!

How to Use the Go! Sticky

Use Go Sticky anywhere, furniture, floors, car, RV, sewing room...Simply roll over the mess, there is no right or wrong direction! 
When Go Sticky is full, it need to be washed in order to be reused. Simply rinse it in your sink with warm water. Washing it with dish soap also ensures your roller will stay clean and sticky forever! 
After washing Go Sticky, you can let it air dry or pat it dry with a towel (paper towels are not recommended). Once Go Sticky is dry it will be just as sticky as the first time you tried it! 

Discover our GO! STICKY Set

Go! Sticky Roller
Perfect for your couch or car seats, the original Go! Sticky Roller won't leave anything behind.
Mighty Go! Roller
Great for all types of floors, the Mighty Go! will pick up dust, dirt and debris everywhere
MiniGo! Roller
Take your MiniGo! everywhere with you, lint and hair, don't let them ruin your day!
Lifetime Warranty
All our products come with a Lifetime Warranty to ensure you'll enjoy your Go! Sticky forever!
 The Go! Sticky Full Set Special
1x Go! Sticky Roller
1x Mighty Go! Roller 
1x 5' Telescopic handle
1x MiniGo! Roller
1x Go! Sticky Protective Case
1x Free MiniGo! Roller !!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love this product. I received mine at the Atlanta RV show and have used all of them. No more cat hair in the hard to reach places. And the small travel piece was so nice on my clothes.

Best invention ever!

I bought the set at a home expo and when i got home i was skeptical, but this product is AMAZING!!!

Theo Hunt
The Go! Sticky Full Set

I saw this on the View and fell in love!! I have told ALL of my friends to buy one!

Ashley Vitti
Customer for life

Best invention ever. I hate always having to drag my vacuum out to pick up cat hair and litter on the floor. What also makes this so amazing is all you have to do is rinse it off and bam, ready to use again!

After years of purchasing lint rollers I am done! I keep one of the small rollers in my everyday bag.

Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous tool.

Go Sticky Rocks!

Jennifer Lee Forsythe
Household must have!

If you don't have a Go! Sticky you need one! We bought ours and we use it DAILY! It is amazing for when the grandkids run in and out and track dirt all through the house. I couldn't recommend this product enough!!